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Police warning Myleene [Jan. 11th, 2010|02:39 pm]

Don't protect yourself? what should she have done then? rolled up her sleeves and gone outside to confront them? or cower in a corner and await the worst? taking into account that it can at times, note I say "can", take the police up to two days to investigate what they see as "minor" incidents, perhaps it might be as well to offer the intruder a cuppa and biccy and invite him/her to sit down whilst one calls the police? then offer them bed and breakfast on the house whilst they wait?

  I am now a pensioner, I was brought up in the school of life that taught me to do unto others quickly if it looked as though they might be planning to do unto me, so,I have a **** *** handle by my bedside, and a couple more in strategic positions around the house, to protect myself and my wife in case of illegal intrusion..Up until now, the threat has worked on a couple of occasions...no more than a show of force required, I am fully aware that perhaps I could meet the one that will have a go, then, so will I.

Note I use the word "Illegal" in so far as an intrusion is concerned, in my book, if someone doesn't want to experience my wrath, what the hell are they doing "Illegally" on my property? Surely if someone has entered another's property with evil intent, they forfeit any rights they may have in the course of normal living and should expect if rumbled to experience dire consequences as a result of their actions? in my book, taking into account as I mentioned above, it can take the police up to (laughably) two days to get around to investigating such "minor" incidents, what other way is there of dealing with such situations? Turn the other cheek and put it down to experience?

 In 2000, I was walking my dog, a 3 year old Alsatian bitch as she was then, on a bridle path running through some fields at the back of our house. About half way around the walk, by this time I was situated about a mile from any possible "neighbour" type help, I was confronted by two late teen youths who demanded my wallet, phone etc, I slipped the dog off her lead, gave the command and waited to see which guy she would take out, I then took the other one down and let me say this, it would be some time before those two tried the same stunt again. So, going by the advice given to Myleene by our proud and upstanding police, what should I have done in that situation? quietly given them my wallet and phone? or perhaps I should have asked them politely to hang on a mo whilst I phoned the police, kind of " c'mon chaps, play fair, let me contact someone to help me before you kick the s**t out of me" jeez, a snowball's got more chance in a hot oven that of me doing that. I don't like pain and if I can achieve it it's the other guy who is going to experience the worst of it.

 I have never, in my whole life instigated any kind of violence under normal, every day circumstances, but I feel very strongly that one has to stand up for ones rights at some point when faced with such situations ....Nanny state is fine if it works, don't see much evidence of that around me. One final point, can anyone out there please define for me the words, "reasonable force" and also, once you have decided on that level in a given situation, how then to apply that in a fast moving situation where one is more than likely to be confronted with weaponry?


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Your all just jealous [May. 22nd, 2009|08:16 am]
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Quote "many veteran backbenchers of all parties privately share his frustration that they are being pilloried for claims they were privately encouraged to make over the years."
And when being encouraged, where did their common decency & moral code disappear to, the back of the queue? why didn't these supposedly learned men baulk at the situation they found when becoming aware of it?
Also take note that it mentions, Anthony Steen's views are shared by many others in government, Judging by their silence publicly it seems they don't have the guts to admit it openly. 
Quote "But Mr Cameron said: "He made, what I understand, is an honest mistake. If it wasn't an honest mistake he would be out of the door as well."
 And this statement by Cameron says it all. 

 Quote. ""I think I have behaved impeccably. I have done nothing criminal. "
So does this one. For saying this I would call this man utterly without any sense of common decency or moral code, If he isn't "new money"  but the beneficiary of inheritance, either way, we can see how he has managed to maintained that way of life, in these days of large houses opening their doors to the public as a way of survival, walking on others giving it no second thoughts. Totally unscrupulous, This man has the responsibility of looking after the constituents who voted him into Parliament? the mind boggles. I would venture to add that any "commoners" he may represent are way down the queue in his attention span. Strong, unsavory expletives I use quite openly in every day situations spring to mind, but I will refrain from using them here.

Quote. "They warned him to stay silent in future – or become the first Tory to be stripped of the party whip over the expenses scandal."
Of course they did, doesn't do much for their chances of getting into power does it? I had toyed with the idea of swapping my allegiance, however, having given it some thought, it definitely wont be in the conservative direction as I talked about a week or to ago in another post.

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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2009|09:05 am]

& this guy is charged with investigating the expenses situation? the whole scenario simply moves from the ridiculous to the utterly sublime...Words have finally failed me.


Quote. "He is said to have claimed a total of £67,708 on his second home between 2004 & 2008"

Quote. "The MP for Newcastle upon Tyne East & Wallsend told his local newspaper, The Journal, that his claims were not unreasonable".

Quote. "Claiming £18.800 over 4 years in unreceipted expenses for food consumed at his designated second home in Newcastle.

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Morley and his "sloppy accounting" [May. 14th, 2009|03:00 pm]
Re Morley; This man is an absolute disgrace, to say all his wrong doing is down to "sloppy" accounting is laughable, this is a Parliamentary member for gods sake...has he no more gumption that to let this happen?
 Some 13 years ago, before my wife and I retired, we were guilty of allowing the state to over pay us. It was for some £12.00 a week for some 8 to 10 weeks, amounting to around £200, in all, give or take a £10 . I was in a very low paid job as a caretaker as there were no vacancies available in engineering at the time and any work was good. My wife was what was know then as a "home help" working for the local council on a part time basis, as she was part time her contract stated that if asked she might consider working some 2 hours a week to fill in for others sickness etc... at that time, my wife was suffering herself, but we didn't know what was wrong, she was undergoing tests....home helping entailed some 5 miles of walking each and every day, she was finding this more and more difficult, bordering on the impossible at times. She was also prone to falling in a manner I can only describe as a felled tree, she seemed unable to use her hands to prevent herself from falling, or even stumbling as one does in an effort to prevent the inevitable.

Eventually, it was discovered that she had a particular nasty type of MS, Acute Progressive is the label given to it.... also at that time, through pressure of one kind or another, my wife's illness being one of them, I suffered a nervous breakdown, one far more severe than the small incident in the 80's and had to have treatment 4 days a week for some 18 months at a mental health centre to help me get my head back in order, to stop temporary loss of memory causing me to be found wandering around the local area during such attacks, for I  temporarily lost all knowledge of who I was or where I was. I suffered some pretty nasty panic attacks too....mostly all behind me now thank goodness.

 To get back to the main theme of this. Towards the end of her time in employment, my wife was asked on several occasions to fill in some 2 hours a week for one of her colleagues whom was sick, this went on for some 8  to 10 weeks in all. I because I was on a very low wage, I claimed some relief of poll tax. What we didn't realise at the time was this, that extra £12 a week she was receiving for doing this took us over the limits as to my claiming Poll tax relief by some £3 or £4 ,, some 2 months or so after my wife's employment was terminated through illness, we received a letter of the benefit people informing us of the fact that we had over drawn by some £200 on our allowance because of my wife's  temporary increase in wages, so, as we were living very much hand to mouth at the time because of these illnesses, I asked for time to pay, I was given that time and paid the debt in 8 weeks......my point being, Elliot Morley has been drawing £200 a week for 18 months or so   18 months? and puts that down to sloppy accounting?

   My wife and I keep  our domestic accounts up to date each day, then on average, every 6 months, we re check them for any errors. Our over payments would have showed up at that point,  I would have immediately offered repayment, as it was, they got the jump on us as we were rather slow doing the accounts that time around due to our collective illnesses.

 Another point worth mentioning here is the fact that the £200 a week Morley was drawing in mortgage interest relief,  is the total amount my wife and I draw to live on weekly (Pension,  invalidity + attendance allowances) which I feel we are both entitled to for we both worked hard, paying our dues each and every week of our working lives.

 I am not complaining of our position, we are grateful that by accident of birth we were born &  live in the UK and have been given  the opportunity of being part of this excellent social financial situation, just drawing a comparison is all.

 I see Morley has been suspended from the PLP a few min's. ago... I wonder if he will be classed a criminal as I and my wife were when we over drew on our benefit allowance?
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its not the coruption that galls. [May. 12th, 2009|10:04 am]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Dominic Lawson: It is not the corruption that galls – it is the sheer pettiness

Mrs Patel, who insists that she was living with her mother at the time the application form was posted, will appear before Harrow magistrates later this month on a charge of "fraud by false representation."

It is the contrast between the treatment meted out by the state to "ordinary" people such as Mrs Patel and the apparent impunity of home-flipping Members of Parliament, which so outrages the public, and understandably so: "fraud by false representation" seems as good a phrase as any to describe some of the claims by MPs in slavering pursuit of the maximum allowances permitted by the parliamentary authorities.

The Commons' own Green Book, which sets out the rules for 'Honourable Members', states explicitly that "claims must only be made for expenditure necessary for a Member to incur to ensure that he or she could properly perform his or her parliamentary duties". Yet Oliver Letwin claimed for the expense of mending the pipes under his tennis court; John Gummer claimed for the cost of removing moles from under his lawn.

View full article here

Ok Dominc, dont agree with you, however, how about some positive thoughts as in, where to now?
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Writer's Block: Life Changes [May. 5th, 2009|05:49 am]
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[mood |contemplativecontemplative]


One of the biggest changes I have experienced in my life has happened in the last few years, with the realisation that religion has nothing to offer me...at first, it came as a shock, for I had always assumed that religion, as in Christianity, is part of life.

I have never been a devout follower of any particular religion, however, Christianity seemed always to be in the background and for some reason that I can not fathom, indoctrination I suppose, had to be the chosen path. I was brought up a Catholic, my mother was of that belief, In my teens I turned Methodist, it seemed to be the way to go living in Wales, that was the way it remained for some years.

In 1962 I got married (the first time around) Around this time, I had to move to England with my family because of a lack of work, It was than I had my experience with Billy Graham, I recall seeing him perform on a big screen in Nottingham sometime in the mid 60's, I have to say I was very impressed. Again, I seemed to assume that one had to have some sort of religious background in ones life, I suppose this was because my mother instilled much of it into my head. It never occurred to me to question the overall validity of religion, just the path I happened to be taking at any given time. which eventually, over the years, I found kept bringing me back to square one. as in who? what? when? how? Why?

In the 80's, I had a minor breakdown which lost me my job at the time, the 80's were not a good time to be unemployed, being unemployed through sickness was doubly severe, for it went against one when applying for work, especially if it was assumed  it would affect ones mental capability. This resulted in some 400 job applications over some 4 years, and much spare time, so I enrolled in a local collage on a govt. scheme to start on a 5 year path which would if I was successful, culminate in a BA. However, I got diverted and studied the history of religion for some 18 months or so. This is when my eyes were opened and my brain got thoroughly confused, to cut a long story short, I found that much of religion was probably no more than a concoction of myths and fables passed down over many thousands of years. briefly, I found that Christianity was most likely, only a regurgitation of earlier religions, as in, brought into being by the powers that be of that day to assist in controlling the masses, The story of a baby boy being born to a virgin, then ending his life on a stake of wood in retribution for the "crime's" he had committed against the then "state" of that time. The more I studied, the more that unfolded.     (as in Christianity, having been started by rebels against the state, then eventually, the Roman's towards the end of Emperor Constantine's rule, realizing that religion would help greatly in policing the far flung places it had conquered. Constantine was so taken with Christianity that he turned to it on his deathbed.)

Still, I clung on to my basic belief that there had to be some kind of creator, and I would also use this excuse too so to encompass science into my thinking, that is, that perhaps god had utilized the method Darwin discovered (evolution) as a means of moving the world and all on it forward from one stage to another... My My, the arguments and trouble that got me into..., Eventually, I began to realize that religion was really only a man made crutch as far as I was concerned, something I needed to hang on to, to explain the unexplainable....

Now, I am agnostic, I believe there could possibly be a creator, that has nothing to do with hedging my bets, I simply believe that if something exists, there has to be a creator somewhere in the background making it's existence possible.... Yes, I know, so who created the creator and so an and so forth, well, that is a question for another day, suffice to say I am settled and happy with it all as it is at the moment, it is however, a work in progress.

Finally to say, In viewing present day events in our sick old world, I certainly can't believe that the creator, if there is such a thing, is a loving god as all religions suggest, further in fact, insist.


He who dares not offend cannot be honest: Thomas Paine
The biggest trouble maker you are ever likely to meet is the
one that stares back at you from the mirror every morning.
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